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Welcome at the IBMB


The Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is located in a fully renovated landmarked building of the University of Bonn. The building provides both: a pleasant historic ambience combined with modern laboratories.

The scientific spectrum of the research groups is focused on molecular medicine. It covers the revelation of molecular mechanisms of disease, the development of therapies for rare diseases and the examination of the molecular action of phytopharmaka.

Project are funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the German Ministry of Science an Technology, the European Community and various international foundations.

Teaching covers biochemistry and molecular biology for student of medicine, dental medicine, Molecular Biomedicine and pharmacy. Except for mandatory courses the institute offers advanced courses for students wishing to extend their knowledge in the biochemistry. The various research project allow to easily integrate Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses. Furthermore the institute continuously offers scientific projects to performed within a Ph. D program.


  Institut für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie
  Director:         Prof. Dr. V.Gieselmann
  Nussallee 11
  D-53115 Bonn
  Tel:     0228-732412     (Office: Mrs Reininger)
  Fax:    0228-732416 
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