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Molecular Neurobiology

Short description of all events in module molecular neurobiology

  • The module consists of three parts: lectures, seminars and practical courses (lab project). All events will take place from 16th December 2019 to 30the end of Janary 2020 at the institute of biochemistry and molecular biology (IBMB, Bonn-Poppelsdorf, Nussallee 11).
  • Each day will start with a lecture or a seminar at 8h c.t.  in seminarroom 2 at the IBMB, specified in the timeline. After a short break of 5 min the lecture will proceed or a seminar will start. An overview is given in the timeline.
  • In each seminar, two students will talk about papers (original article and review article) to a special topic of neurobiology. All students should learn to critically read and understand a scientific paper.
  • The students will be attended by lecturers in preparing their seminar talks. Please don´t hesitate to contact a lecturer! The lecturer will give you detailed instruction which topics of the paper have to be presented and discussed. Therefore it is advisable to contact them before preparing the seminar talk.
  • On this web site, you will only have access to the supplements (powerpoint presentations, pdf documents) after a log-in. User name and pass word will be given to you at the first meeting. A collection of  the literature for seminars as well as the presentation given in the lectures will also be availble via ecampus/ILIAS which you have to enter with your uni@bonn account and password!
  • After the lecture/seminar and a further break of about 15 min, students will have the oppurtunity to enter the lab room and to work on their project (see detailed information for the lab project).
  • The final oral examinations will probably be on 10.-14.02.2020. The definite timeline and the list of examiners will be published just before beginning of the module.
  • If you have any other question concerning the organisation of the module, please first contact   Dr. C.Völker (fon: 0228-73-3266).
  • General information about the master of science in neuroscience programm can be found here.