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Group Eckhardt

PD Dr. Matthias Eckhardt

Biosynthesis and Function of Sphingolipids in Myelinating Cells and their Role in the Pathology of Human Leukodystrophies
Oligodendrocytes of the central nervous system and Schwann cells of the peripheral nervous system are highly specialized cells, producing large plasma membrane extensions, which form the myelin sheath. Myelin is essential for fast saltatory electrical conduction along axons.

Diseases affecting the myelin sheath have therefore frequently devastating consequences for the patients.
The myelin sheath is unique in its protein and lipid composition. Myelin is especially enriched in two (glyco)sphingolipids: galactosylceramide and its derivative sulfatide (3-O-sulfogalactosylceramide). In the lysosomal storage disorder metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD), sulfatide accumulates in (read more)...



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