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List of publications by Fabian den Brave (né Anton)



  • den Brave, F. and Becker, T. (2020) Supercomplex formation boosts respiration. EMBO Rep
  • den Brave, F.*, Cairo L., Jagadeesan C., Ruger-Herreros, C., Mogk, A., Bukau, B. and Jentsch, S. (2020) Chaperone-mediated protein disaggregation triggers proteolytic clearance of intra-nuclear protein inclusion. Cell Reports, * corresponding author
  • Ravanelli, S.#, den Brave, F.# and Hoppe, T. (2020) Mitochondrial Quality Control Governed by Ubiquitin. Front. Cell Dev. Biol. # equal contribution
  • Schuster, R., Anton, V., Simões, T., Altin, S., den Brave, F., Hermanns, T., Hospenthal, M., Komander, D., Dittmar, G., Dohmen, R.J. and Escobar-Henriques, M. (2020) Dual role of a GTPase conformational switch for membrane fusion by mitofusin ubiquitylation. Life Science Alliance



  • Escobar-Henriques, M., Altin, S. and den Brave, F. (2019) Interplay between the ubiquitin proteasome system and mitochondria for protein homeostasis. Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. 
  • Schuster, R., Simoes, T., den Brave, F. and Escobar-Henriques, M (2019) Separation and visualization of low abundant ubiquitylated forms. Bio-Protocol



  • Simoes, T., Schuster, R., den Brave, F. and Escobar-Henriques, M. (2018). Cdc48 regulates a deubiquitylase cascade critical for mitochondrial fusion. eLife
  • Paasch, F., den Brave, F.*, Psakhye I., Pfander B.* and Jentsch, S. (2018). Failed mitochondrial import and impaired proteostasis trigger SUMOylation of mitochondrial proteins. J. Biological Chemistry, * corresponding author 


  • Lu, K.*, den Brave, F.*, and Jentsch, S. (2017). Pathway choice between proteasomal and autophagic degradation. Autophagy, * corresponding author
  • Lu, K.*, den Brave, F.*, and Jentsch, S. (2017). Receptor Oligomerization guides pathway choice between proteasomal and autophagic degradation. Nature Cell Biology, * corresponding author



  • Anton, F., Dittmar, G., Langer, T., and Escobar-Henriques, M. (2013). Two Deubiquitylases Act on Mitofusin and Regulate Mitochondrial Fusion along Independent Pathways. Molecular Cell
  • Escobar-Henriques, M., and Anton, F. (2013). Mechanistic perspective of mitochondrial fusion: Tubulation vs. fragmentation. Biochim Biophys Acta



  • Anton, F., Fres, J.M., Schauss, A., Pinson, B., Praefcke, G.J., Langer, T., and Escobar-Henriques, M. (2011). Ugo1 and Mdm30 act sequentially during Fzo1-mediated mitochondrial outer membrane fusion. J. Cell Science