Dr. Dominic Winter

AG Winter

Our Philosophy: Cutting Edge Proteomics and Molecular Biology - an Ideal Partnership for a Better Understanding of the Lysosome

Lysosomes are the main hydrolytic organelles of mammalian cells, fulfilling crucial functions in a plethora of processes, such as the turnover of metabolites, the deactivation of pathogens, or metabolic signaling. We are using state of the art mass spectrometry-based proteomics approaches to investigate this organelle, focusing on its proteins and their posttranslational modifications. Lysosomal proteins are very low abundant and therefore challenging to analyze. Therefore, we develop novel approaches for the mass spectrometric characterization of this group of proteins. We apply these methods to the investigation of both lysosome-related diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases or lysosomal storage disorders and basic cell biological processes. In this context, we are addressing lysosomal protein phosphorylation, protein-protein interactions, protein half-lives, transcription regulation, and stoichiometry. 

In the course of these projects, we always have open positions for Bachelor and Master theses. Furthermore, we welcome applications from highly motivated PhD students and Postdocs. In case you are interested in our group, please send your applications directly to Dominic

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